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Erich Vaughn

Chief Estimator

Wave Wave

My career path is not your typical story. My journey started out as a design architect out of Newport Beach where I got to create and design anything from football stadiums to high rises to multi million dollar compounds. I went through a life changing injury that altered my career and became a head chef for a catering company. I eventually acquired and ran my own cafe for 3 years. For the sake of family life I came to the realization that I wanted to get back into the construction industry and that is when estimating entered my life. So for the past 6 and half years I have enjoyed the challenges and knowledge estimating provides.

I grew up in a strict household. I had very loving parents that were on the strict side and taught me more than I knew at the time. Stuff like not watching tv and always playing outside or always telling us anything worth doing is worth doing right and always work your hardest. As a kid I didn’t like this, but as an adult I could not be more grateful for it. Working hard in life whether it’s career, family or relationships is something that I greatly value.

Big on family. I come from a very large family on both my mom and my dad’s side. We enjoy lots of family get-togethers throughout the year. They are a very loud and loving family. Couts has the same loud and loving family that puts others and their work ahead of themselves. We believe in living up to our promises and doing things the right way.